The Terlato Family

Terlato Family

The Terlato name is synonymous with quality. This regard was built through more than 70 years of shaping the luxury wine business in the United States. For years, the family imported and marketed the world’s finest wines, introducing new varietals like the popular Pinot Grigio. When they became vintners in 1996, their aim was excellence within the class of wines produced at their three wineries in California.

The same high standards are carried over to the Terlato family table. When they cook for family and entertain guests, the Terlatos use only the best ingredients. Food is carefully prepared using traditional family recipes and new favorites inspired by travels around the world. Of course, there is always plenty of good wine and lively conversation.

At Terlato Kitchen, we make delicious specialty food in small batches with the care of home. We use authentic recipes and hand select ingredients for unparalleled quality. Our first product is a Pomodoro Sauce made from an age-old Terlato Family recipe. A special sauce now passed from family to friends, from our table to yours.

Terlato Family Tomato Tasting

The Idea

The Terlatos have come together for generations to enjoy meals carefully prepared using true Italian recipes. Simple yet delicious, the Terlato family’s Pomodoro Sauce is made from an age-old, tried and true recipe. It is used on its own spooned over a comforting bowl of pasta and as a base in many tasty dishes. The handful of flavorful ingredients used to create the sauce blend together highlighting the “king” ingredient – the San Marzano Tomato.

How did this treasured sauce end up in a jar? The Terlatos, and most other people serious about cooking, make their own sauce – even in a pinch! When visiting a dear friend of the family, John Terlato was asked to try a jarred sauce. The hostess insisted it was the best tasting she had ever had. His thought after tasting the highly praised sauce? We could do better.

John bought all of the top brands of pasta sauce and tasted them in the corporate kitchen of Terlato Wines International. Still, he thought, we could do better. There was a clear need for a sauce as fresh as homemade without the artificial taste and over-complicated ingredient list. He began to learn about home canning and perfected the recipe using small batch techniques.

Terlato Pomodoro Sauce is an artisanal tomato sauce made from a handful of ingredients thoughtfully selected for unparalleled quality. Taste it and you would never think it came from a jar. Now, even serious cooks can proudly count tomato sauce in a jar among their pantry staples. We did all of the hard work for you!