Il Poggione EVOO (1 Liter)

We have been using this special olive oil produced by our dear friends at Il Poggione for years. Their family winemaking estate in Tuscany has 70 hectares of olive groves, totaling 12,000 trees. From October to November, the olives are gathered by hand and taken to be crushed in the company’s olive-press within 12 hours of picking. Speed is of the essence, for then the oil produced is extremely low in acid content and the aroma and flavor are enhanced.

The oil is cold-pressed by continuous extraction in order to avoid any risk of external contamination and ensure that all the principal nutrients and characteristic aroma and flavor of the oil are maintained intact.

Tenuta Il Poggione Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a dense green colour and a decidedly fruity nose, reminiscent of olives and artichokes. The taste is distinctly spicy, with just a hint of bitterness. Its flavor and aroma make it the perfect partner, just as it is, as a condiment for bruschetta, green salads or vegetable soups. Ideal too for roasting and frying, because it withstands heat better than any other oil,
retaining more of its distinctive qualities.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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